Picture your landscape project that you invested in, maybe it is a paver driveway, modern softscaping, or a backyard oasis. Now close your eyes. This is what your landscape project looks like at night. Low voltage landscape lighting does more than simply illuminate our properties at night. Transforming the dark and ominous into the friendly and familiar is the magic landscape lighting has.

Visual Appeal

When installed properly, front and backyard lighting can accentuate the best aspects of your home’s exterior and surrounding landscape.

Your home will become more inviting to household members and guests, by giving it a warmer feel and making it more welcoming. A well-thought-out lighting plan can transform your dark home into a showcase and enhance the visual appeal, throughout all four seasons.

Function & Safety

Landscape lighting isn’t just for beauty, it’s for function. It will help with visibility and decrease the chances of your family or guests tripping and falling.  Outdoor parties or activities that take place at night can be potentially dangerous in dark areas. With landscape lighting, there is an increase in the amount of time you can enjoy in your outdoor living space.

Safety is an important issue at home and landscape lighting for security is becoming more popular and can add extra peace of mind.


While the value from increasing your ability to use your outdoor space cannot be financially quantified, it is very real. There is also an increase in the value of your home with professionally installed lighting, this perceived value can equate to a quicker or higher offer when it’s time to sell. Just like you would take the time and money to invest in your landscape, professional outdoor lighting is an investment that you shouldn’t take lightly.

Our team at B K Baun Landscape Ltd specialized in landscape lighting plans. We work closely with Linzel Distributing a wholesale and distribution company for landscape lighting out of Hamilton utilizing Kichler Lighting Products. Planning landscape lighting is not something to do on a whim. For the best results, it takes time, planning and an understanding of how lighting can enhance your home and its features, such as the landscaping. Our team would love to help you!