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Claudia and Brian Baun both graduated in 1985 from Niagara Parks School of Horticulture. Claudia took a role at Cullen Gardens and Miniature Village as a Lead Horticulturist, while Brian started B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd. in 1987. He started with a new Red F450, a wheelbarrow, a plank to drive the wheelbarrow up to the truck, a shovel, and a lot of determination. His next purchase and his first piece of equipment was a stone saw. Just to put things into perspective, Brian purchased his first cell phone in 1989 which resembled a shoebox in size and was about $1,200.

A couple of years later after working solo, Brian was able to justify hiring his first employee, Murray. There were no professional uniforms like we have today. They were always known to work shirtless. Brian continued working full time; onsite during the day with Murray and estimating/designing at night. Claudia continued to work full-time and took on a part-time role within the business. In 1990, their first child was born, Erin. At this time Claudia left Cullen Gardens and started working full-time with the business. The business grew quickly at this point, going from one employee up to 10-12 in the season.

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It is amazing to look back over the years and see where the company started regarding equipment, a truck, a plank and a wheelbarrow to dustless saws, vacuum lifting equipment, a crane truck, dump trucks, excavators, and loaders and of course a few new wheelbarrows. The equipment has played a big role in job-site efficiency, but it will always be a very labor-intensive industry.

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The other major upgrade to the business was the shop/yard. The business started on Altona Rd with ¾ of an acre and a family house. In 2004 with 3 kids and a growing business, we needed more space.  The business then transitioned to the current location at 2284 Church St. North in Ajax. This 10-acre property allows for a bigger yard, more storage & better material management.

One of the greatest assets will always be the employees, over the 34 years in business B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd. has had many long-standing employees who then turn into friends. Many employees have stayed throughout their university or college careers, going onto other fields, or staying within the field of landscape/construction. B.K. Baun loves to stay in touch with past employees and hear what they are up to. B.K. Baun’s longest employee, Ricky, who started in 1997 and who currently is our Operations Manager can be found driving the crane truck in the Durham region. Another long-standing employee, Brandon joined us in 2013 and has worked his way up as one of our foremen.

B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd. is a proud family business with all three of their children, at some point, working in the business. Peter, the youngest son, continues to develop as one of the foremen with a diploma from Humber College in Sustainable Energy and Building Technology. Their son-in-law, Jamin, came into B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd. 3 years ago and has been the perfect fit. His experience running landscape businesses in Ottawa, exciting new ideas and fresh perspective have already made a large impact on the business. Brian and Claudia are excited to keep the business in the family and have started an ownership transition to the next generation. Together Peter and Jamin hope to maintain the reputation that B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd. has developed.

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In 2021, B.K. Baun Landscape Ltd. has taken on a new opportunity of becoming a Latham Pool dealer/installer. They are excited to be able to take on full pool installs and poolscapes.